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"David has been a steady support for the marketing team making sure we meet deadlines for over 200 ads per month. Additionally, he has applied his design skills to special projects like DirectBuy and key communications vehicles, Solutions Magazine and the Top Shelf (newsletter), making his own contribution to the development of the ShelfGenie brand."

Courtney Carrasco, Supervisor, ShelfGenie Franchise Systems

“David is a talented graphic artist with the insight to create designs perfectly matched to the message being communicated. He worked effectively with a number of internal clients, clearly understanding that each had a different target market requiring very different imagery. He is clever, efficient, and patient, even when dealing with difficult personalities. I sincerely hope I will be in a position to work with him again in the future, and would hire him in a heartbeat!”

Pamela Davis, Marketing Director, Kennesaw State University

“David is a highly-skilled graphic designer. His style consists of vivid use of color and images and clean lines. Always a team-player, David is invaluable toward achieving marketing goals and meeting deadlines. His quiet wit and easy manner make him a pleasure to work with.”

Ann Ryan, Marketing Production Supervisor, Kennesaw State University

“Having worked in the same capacity as David at Kennesaw State University, I can attest to the high level of both project management and creativity that he possesses. His designs manage to be both engaging and informative simultaneously, attracting the eye of an increasingly fickle consumer. David is a great team member and I would recommend him for any design position.”

Shiela Shinholster, Marketing Specialist/Graphic Designer

“I have worked with David professionally at the AJC in the past and have collaborated with him on other projects since then. I can say that not only is David a committed designer in the field but he is a blast to work with.”

Lance McKinnon, Graphic Designer, Atlanta Journal-Constitution


source: www.linkedin.com/in/davidgalinat